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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

So Sore and I LOVE It!

Shoulders on fire - CHECK!
Abs ripped apart - CHECK
Thighs shredded  - CHECK!

There is a certain feeling about being sore from head to toe from  working out, and I LOVE it! That tells me I am gaining muscle, strength, and intensity. How could this NOT feel good??? Today I have quads and hamstrings and I am going to RIP THEM APART! Oh and then I'll do 30 min. of cardio when I'm done ;-)
Getting in there and doing what I need to do every day gives me sense of such accomplishment and just makes me feel like a million bucks! And in another 3 weeks after this one, I'm going to start to LOOK like that million bucks! ;-) I have a bathing suit to buy here soon so let's do this!

Monday, February 13, 2012

You Are What You Eat...REALLY.

Now that I'm a "normal" food eater I get to make the decisions on my menu myself. I still have Medifast for one to two snacks a day leaving me with four to five meals to plan myself. Now my trainer does my menu with me but I have the last say. He has a million great ideas and I love trying new things but good heck it gets to be a bit of a mind game at times! So, when I'm picking and sorting my food plan, I have come to find that remembering the pure and true statement "You are what you eat" really helps me WANT to chose the best foods possible. I do NOT want to be a twinkie, cookie, donut, or bread and cheese! lol I want to be made of all that can sustain me, my fat loss, my energy, and my happiness! Thank you to who ever coined that  phrase, it will forever be in the front of my mind and I will forever make the best choices!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Success Never Ends

Ok everyone, I am so sorry for being so behind on this blog. I have not done well as of late due to sicknesses, time of month stuff, and temptations. I, however, am back on it 100% as of today! I needed a little break, some times you just need to step back, relax, and then regroup.
I believe I will only need the rest of this month, March, April, and May to get to my goal and THAT excites me. 3 months and 3 weeks is really a very short time and then I will be swim suit ready. Yeah BABY! I have NEVER been swim suit ready, all though I will need a tummy tuck and I will still have saggy stretch marked butt and legs LOL I feel I will finally be comfortable to be out there in front of others in a bathing suit ;-)
I will now be posting new weight, body fat percentages, and inches lost for each week. I meet with my trainer not this Monday but the next, so look for new results then!
I am ready to Spring Clean the fat from my body!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1 and 2 with my trainer and the holidays.

The first week was great! I had great workouts and ate good. I had my cheat day that my trainer allows and everything felt really good. Week 2 was not to successful. I got sick, T.O.M came, and I was all clogged up. I feel like I need an enema and a detox day because I'm eating bread again. But I still lost almost a full  body fat % and gained 2 lbs, thank you muscle!
So Wes, my trainer, changed my diet and workouts, and I am so glad. No more bread and on to brown rice instead. I also get to add Activia to aid in digestion, thank goodness! I feel pretty good though and I can't wait to workout tonight. I feel so lousy when I don't workout, it's a new addiction that I think I'll allow myself to have hehe. So this next week is going to be rockin and I know I'll have good  numbers to report next week!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Trainer Time!

Today I saw my trainer, was weighed, had my body fat % taken, got my new workouts and eating menu and schedule. Tomorrow I start this next stage and dang I am excited. This is the next and LAST corner I take to my ultimate goal! I will post my body fat % and weight weekly and remember, it's body fat that matters from here on out! ;-) My trainer and the gym are my love affairs and these are two my husband totally approves of! LOL

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Weeks 27 & 28 WOW!

WOW, how in the world did I not GAIN weight here???! Weeks 27 was good and I lost another pound, yay! Week 28 should have been a disaster! I worked out only twice last week and went to Vegas for my husband's company Christmas party. I didn't stay on plan at all! I gave myself the weekend to let lose and boy did I. The first night we got there we went out to the CUT and I don't even want to know how many calories, fat, and carbs I consumed! I didn't even have the bread at the beginning of the meal and I only had a bite of our sides but there must have been a lot of that stuff in my Indian spiced ribs, oh and also in the gelato I had after dinner! I ate like that all weekend! Even though I had like one meal a day because each meal filled my up and lasted me all day, I know I must have eaten a barrel full of crud! We were very active all weekend though. We walked endlessly every day all day, so that helped. All in all, I walked away with out gaining an ounce, or losing ;-) but what did I expect?
I think I'm not going to see good numbers on the scale for a while, I am really hitting it hard with weights and everything else, it's time to get back on the "building lean muscle" train! I started yesterday, back on plan and in the gym!
I started off yesterday with a great cardio that left me TIRED! I did 35 minutes on the treadmill and at a faster pace. I usually do 20 min, on the tread, 10 on the stairmaster, then another 10 on the tread @ 4.8 speed. I decided to stay on the tread and just run @ 4.9 speed. Today my legs, (top to bottom) are sore. It was great! I think I'll do this every other cardio workout so I can really build up my endurance. I am SOOO not a runner so this is all good for me ;-)
I hope I don't allow the holidays trip me up and I can knock this out of the ball park!

Here is the dress I decided to go with, I loved it!